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I am Dr. Raghuvir Pissurlenkar, presently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Goa College of Pharmacy (Affiliated to Goa University), Panaji Goa, INDIA.

Earlier, I was associated with the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bombay College of Pharmacy (University of Mumbai), Mumbai, INDIA, as an Assistant Professor(2006 to 2014).

I have completed my Bachelor in Pharmacy (2002) from Goa College of Pharmacy (Goa University) and Master (2004) and Ph. D. (Tech.) (2010) from Bombay College of Pharmacy (University of Mumbai). My Ph. D. is in the subject of Pharmaceutical Chemistry on the research topic "Development of techniques for QSAR of Peptides" under Professor Evans Coutinho, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bombay College of Pharmacy.

My research interests include Molecular Simulations of macro-molecules like proteins along with design of small molecules as therapeutic candidates. I have successfully completed few research projects on 3D-QSAR, DFT calculations, docking, structure-based drug design, and protein modeling.

3D-QSAR studies (CoMFA, CoMSIA and CoRIA) have been carried out with a focus on molecules synthesized as anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-malarial and anti-tubercular agents for activity optimization.

Docking and Pharmacophore based chemical database virtual screenings for hits against various enzyme / receptor targets.

DFT calculations to study host guest complexes crown ethers.

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ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-1983-1336

ResearcherID: H-7621-2017

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